Wearable EEG Monitor

Electrical Engineering

This research focuses on developing a wearable, miniature, ambulatory BCI to wirelessly capture brain signals in the form of electroencephalogram (EEG) in natural settings. Scalp EEG can monitor collective activities of neuronal firings in brain lobes as oscillatory waves that can be related to the mental states, cognitive loads, stimulations and perceptions.

The prototyped NeuroMonitor device (3 revisions) was developed through careful hardware-software co-design to optimize size, power, portability and connectivity. The 2-channel system composes of 4-stage biopotential amplifier with active analog filtering, 16b ADC on PSoC3 micro-controller, along with other peripherals and power management circuits. The hardware is miniature (size: 2.2” x 0.8” x 0.36”, weight: 41.8 gm) such that it can be concealed within a headband. The collected data can be wirelessly transmitted for on-line monitoring or stored on-board for offline analysis. Application areas are engagement monitoring of children with developmental delays, seizure detection and advisory system for epileptic patients, and Alzheimer’s patients.

More info: Esarp Lab